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A classic car is the best investment any motoring enthusiast can make.
And it doesn’t matter what car and how scruffy. Don’t believe me?

Then consider these returns, and I will leave the best and most important point till last.

~ Buy a new car and it will lose around 10% of its value the moment you leave the showroom. Classic cars seem to hold their value and many have shown increases in worth over the last 10 years.

~ Depreciation on modern cars means most are worth 1/3 less after 3 years. Many 1990s supercars in perfect condition and with low mileage are now selling for less than 30% of their cost price. Buy now when they are on the cusp of classic status and you will have a great long term investment.

~ Classic cars seem to hold their value and in these uncertain times that makes them a rare commodity. Yes they take some looking after and some expenditure but even if you buy a poor one, and say for instance, the engine packs up, most classic cars will still retain their value( or a big chunk of their value) in parts. You may have to sell the bits on ebay or whatever, but you stand a good chance of getting your money back.

~ A new mid-range Focus costs about £20k. For the same money you could buy a nice Ferrari. You might find an OK condition 308 with beautiful Pininfarina styling, one of the most iconic shaped Ferraris ever made. Or you could buy a nice Ferrari and a good used Focus. A good Mondial (say £15k) would fit the bill and although not the most collectable or sort after it’s still a Ferrari! And what would you most like in your garage, a Ferrari or a new Focus? And don’t get me wrong here, I like the Focus and in fact I currently drive a 10 year old one as an everyday hack.

~ But it’s not really the money return that matters. And I do not advocate buying a classic car purely as a monetary investment. How do you value the joy of a classic sports car on a sunny day with your wicker picnic basket packed full of French bread, cheese and pickles? Or the fun of making the perfect down change into that tight right hand bend and the feel of all the mechanical bits working to your command? Or the pride in seeing all the admiring glances when you stop at that little village pub?

~ I have had more fun driving an Austin Healey Sprite than modern supercars. You sit so low and with the mechanical clatter, skinny tyres and exposed feel, you think you are flying and on-the-edge at 40mph. You can have the thrill of driving without worrying about losing your license. A wide range of classic cars are out there for a relatively small outlay.

~ And the most important reason? The people you will meet. A classic car is the ticket to a fantastic spread of events and shows, from Goodwood to Silverstone to the Cholmondley Pageant of Power, to hundreds of cars shows across the country and most importantly, the marque and enthusiast clubs. Attend only a few events and you will meet likeminded people from all walks of life who share your interests. A classic car is the key to a whole new range of life experiences with tours and travel locally or across the continent. New places, new experiences and new friends. You can’t evaluate all this with simply pounds and pence. A classic car will enrich your life.

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