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Est. 1987

Greenway Garage Limited
Moor Lane, Newton-on-Ouse, York, YO30 2DB.

Tel: 01347 848414

Co Reg.: 05442219


We have two specialist engineers looking after a number of or customer’s cars.

Both Richard and Paul each have over 30 years experience with sports and classic cars and we have the facilities and equipment to tackle most mechanical problems.

Paul is our classic car MOT tester and his careful and considerate approach is appreciated by customers who are sometimes concerned with how their pride-and-you may be treated.

  • Richard is experienced with almost all British marques (particularly Jaguar , MG, Triumph , Aston Martin and Austin Healey) but also has a lot of experience on Italian marques such as Ferrari, Lancia, Alfa , Maserati and Fiat. Recently he has done major re-commissioning work on three E-Type Jags and full engine and brake servicing on a number of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.
  • Paul is experienced on mainstream/sports cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s as well as pre-war vehicles.
  • Both have considerable knowledge of American marques.

We also do small bodywork repairs in-house and have for bigger jobs, a number of specialist suppliers we know well.

Please phone to discuss any requirement you may have and we are happy to provide an estimate.

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