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Greenway Garage Limited
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There is a lot of confusion regarding what makes up a service. I hope this will help.

We use our computer database and the Owners Manual to determine what service
a car needs at anytime in its life but as a rule of thumb, at the very least, an oil
change every year is worthwhile to extend the engines life.

Many cars have particular service requirements at certain mileages but as a guideline, this info will suffice:

> Small service, interim service or oil service:

For most cars we would charge around £50 plus vat for an oil change service.

What this includes is draining the old oil, fitting a new oil filter, topping up all levels (water and screen wash), checking tyre pressures and a visual inspection of the cars mechanicals.

> Engine Service:

On a petrol car this may include new engine oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter and topping up all levels.

Not all garages do, but we include the cabin filter (which is often relatively expensive and often time consuming to fit).

We would also check the brake fluid condition (brake fluid is hydroscopic and over time absorbs water and reduces braking efficiency), and a visual inspection of the mechanicals of the car.

For small cars (including diesels) this would be about £130 plus vat.

But frankly, it’s more worthwhile to do a full service.

> Full or Major Service:

Our full service includes removing all wheels and stripping and cleaning the brakes. (Not all garages and main dealers do this).

Modern alloy wheels and the wheel nuts have a tendency to corrode onto the hub.
The main concern to the owner is breaking down with a flat tyre, because if this corrosion occurs it can be very difficult or impossible to get the tyre off with the car’s wheel spanner.

Brakes are a main safety factor and it’s obviously important that they function efficiently and seized and corroded brake components are a common occurrence, and reduce the cars braking distance.

Seized and corroded brake components can reduce the life of discs, pads, shoes and hubs, which are relatively expensive components and often very expensive for performance cars.

Including a brake service with the engine service cost little more but can save a considerable amount of money in the long term.

For small cars our full service costs around £175 plus vat.

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